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2020 OBA Section Elections – Elder Law & ADR

I hope to be re-elected as a Member-At-Large in the Elder Law section and I am running for the same position in the ADR section.

In the last year, as a Member-At-Large in the Elder Law section, I have assisted in elder law programs and spearheaded working groups to advocate for changes in Guardianship and regulation, inspection and funding for Long Term Care Homes. I look forward to the opportunity to continue to work on programming to educate, advocate and improve access to justice for the elderly community.

I am passionate about dispute resolution and have chosen to study a Masters of Law in Dispute Resolution at Osgoode Hall Law School. As an estate litigator in Toronto, I have seen first-hand the benefits of mandatory mediation. Due to the courts closing, there is a huge interest in ADR and I would look forward to the opportunity to advocate the alternative ways parties can resolve their legal issues.

I am currently a Council member for the OBA representing international lawyers. I hope to continue to work with the OBA and legal community and I appreciate your support!

The link to vote can be found here and the deadline to vote is June 12, 2020.

Special Thanks!

Thank you to our lawyers and front-line workers who are working to protect all of us be it our health or our rights!

We appreciate all you do for Toronto and wider community.

Podcast – Young Lawyers Going Solo

I had the pleasure to record a podcast for CBA about entrepreneurship in law with Erin Cowling and Vivene Salmon. Easy listening for your upcoming “weekend”!

Click here for the podcast!

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Gale Law in the Legal Community

For anyone in BC – I’m excited to be a part of the BC Estates Forum Wednesday, June 10, 2020! Between 4-5pm, I will be speaking alongside Krista Simon (Hammerberg Lawyers) and Sheryne Macklai (Manning Elliot Accountants) looking at the complexity in estate matters!

To register click here.










Kim is the Co-Founder of NCA Network, a group of professionals who studied law internationally. NCA Network aims to increase diversity in the legal profession.


NCA Network is an EDI group. EDI stands for equality, diversity, and inclusion.

We believe that collectively our conversations about diversity make a difference in the community. We will continue to promote equality and inclusion for every person.

We support and stand with our diversity partners, stakeholders and members to address barriers faced by Black lawyers, paralegals, students, and the wider community to end discrimination.

There is unity in diversity.

Find out more at


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