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Dependant Support and Relief

Sometimes someone dies and does not leave adequate support for their dependants. The law acknowledges that there is a moral obligation for the needs of dependants, including children, parents and spouse, to be given adequate support.

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Will Challenge and Interpretation

A will challenge is where someone disputes the validity of the last will and testament of a deceased.

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Estate Trustee, Trustee, Attorney, and Guardian Disputes

Sometimes the person appointed to take care of a family members finances, health or in charge of a deceased’s estate is not the best person for the job. When this happens, there is recourse to go to court and seek to remove this person and appoint someone better suited for the position.

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Passing of Accounts

It is the responsibility of the estate trustee to keep accurate accounts of the estate assets. This should be done on the outset so that a passing of accounts can be easily prepared. Reconstructing accounts after an administration can be a frustrating process.

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Unjust Enrichment and Quantum Meruit

Unjust enrichment is a doctrine in equity where (1) one party enriched/benefitted another (2) to their detriment (and (3) there is no juristic reason for the enrichment).

Quantum meruit is a claim to recover damages on a contract where the contract was not yet completed and its terms are unenforceable.

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