Dying WITH a Will… What happens?

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Dying with a Will

An individual has passed away and left a will. What does this mean? A will is a legal document. It is a person’s wishes of who should receive their property/estate (what they own) once they die.

If there is a will, the “rules of intestacy" do not apply.

Carrying out the Will: Probate Process

Sometimes even with a will, “probate” is required for the estate trustee (named in the will or seeking to be appointed) to give out (distribute/administer) certain assets (for example, real property such as a house or condo, bank accounts held in the name of the deceased, etc).

The estate trustee may also wish to “probate” the will which allows them to prove the will and register the will in court.

The probate process is a legal procedure which asks the court to give a person the authority (appoint them) as the “estate trustee” of the deceased’s estate.

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